Behind Sports Episode #7 Ben Sturner – Leverage Agency


Ben Sturner, Founder and CEO of Leverage Agency,  joins us to talk about his experiences in the industry and some of their great projects.  A key focus for Leverage Agency is marrying sports properties and brands that compliment each other well in specific projects and sponsorships. Specifically Ben speaks to us about Leverage’s involvement with the David Beckham Super Bowl ad, Dunkin Donuts March Mania project, Top Rank Boxing fights, and their new branch of the company called Leverage Latino.

Ben also founded a great mentor program in New York City called the Manhattan Sports Business Academy.  MSBA accepts 20-25 graduate and undergraduate students and brings them into New York for an 8-week summer sports business leadership program.  The students gain invaluable experience in the sports industry and get a jump start into the fast paced, high energy sports business world through internships, mentoring and networking.

It was a pleasure to talk with Ben and hear about all the great things he and his company are doing within the sports industry.  Enjoy the interview!




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