Behind Sports with David Spencer – Talent Resources

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David Spencer is the one of the faces behind New York’s famed . He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from NYU and his MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, and jumped into world of finance in emerging markets. But after leaving Wall Street, Spencer landed a gig with ABC and helped produce content for famed illusionist David Blaine.

That lead him to Talent Resources where he is Partner and Director of Sports and International services. Over the years he has made many connections in the sports world, attracting clients from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and NASCAR. His job now involves working closely with renowned athletes and their teams to secure endorsements, appearance opportunities and sponsorship. An expert at matching brands with top-tier talent, he has been instrumental in facilitating the mainstream crossover of several top athletes across the entire sports world both here and abroad. He helps athletes with everything from public relations to social media integration.

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