Behind Sports with John Tatum – CEO of Genesco Sports Enterprises

John Tatum is the CEO of in Dallas, Texas.

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Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, John Tatum experienced a very unique and worldly childhood. John Tatum’s father was apart of the international oil industry which required his family to frequently move. Apart from that, seeing as to how big of a fan John’s father was of music, John got to rove the top cities for concertsJohn lived in Argentina, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe before returning to the U.S.

After high school, John Tatum chose to attend University of Texas-Austin. Originally, John thought with his prior knowledge of the international oil industry would lead him to become an oil stockbroker. Tatum’s love for advertising, brands, and sports steered him to the world of sports marketing.

In 1988, John Tatum’s first opportunity with the sports industry was a college internship in Washington, DC working for l. Tatum worked with corporate sponsorships and endorsements for the company’s clientele. After connecting with Ralph Stringer at Advantage, John joined Stringer Marketing Group. He was responsible for the management of clients’ endorsements and sponsorships, notably Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino. In 1992, John Tatum accepted a position at in Dallas, TX. John’s primary assignment was to create the T.L.’s internal sports division, which served as the sports marketing department for all of agency’s clientele. John’s experience at historically acclaimed Tracy-Locke prepared him for the formation of in 1994.

Genesco Sports Enterprises (GSE), a premier sports marketing consulting firm, now in association with livescore, exclusively represents corporate clients. GSE’s mission is “to help corporate clients grow their business by efficiently and effectively managing their sport sponsorships and investments.” John identified that corporate sponsors were in dire need of advisement when negotiating deals with sports leagues and players. Since his firm, Tatum has implemented effective marketing strategies for corporations such as , , , , , and among others. As CEO, John Tatum commands marketing strategies, major sponsorship negotiations, and brand consulting for all corporate clients.

John Tatum has established a recognizable platform for himself as an industry leader for over 20 years. Tatum has experienced great success with the NFL, specifically his work with Pepsi. John was an integral part of . Currently living in Dallas, Tatum has close ties with Jerry Jones and the .
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