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Scott Shirley is a former Penn State football player who founded , a full service national nonprofit foundation serving a rare disease community.  Most recently, Scott started a performance based fundraising website called

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Scott attended Penn State University where he studied engineering and played football for the Nittany Lions. During his senior year, Scott’s father was diagnosed with kidney cancer, a very rare form of cancer. Scott and his Nittany Lions football teammates turned an annual weightlifting competition into a fundraiser to raise money to fight this more rare form of cancer.

Scott and his teammates saw an opportunity for student-athletes to use their popularity to promote awareness and raise funds for rare diseases. The core mission of is to ally college football with rare diseases and raise them as a national priority through outreach, research, education and advocacy by the college football teams.

gives the ability for schools and organizations to fundraise by asking their friends, families, and fans to pledge based on the team (or individual’s) performance.  The new tech fundraising tool allows for donors that pledge money to engage directly with the team or individual.

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Notable campaigns that have already run using PLDGIT include , to benefit families at the San Diego Ronald McDonald House, and
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