Behind Sports with Blake Lawrence – CEO of Opendorse

Blake Lawrence knows a little about about sports marketing. A former starting linebacker for the University of Nebraska, his career was cut short due to multiple concussions. At that point in his life he realized there he had to make a decision. Blake receivers his marketing degree in 2009, and received his MBA from Nebraska in 2011. He had a passion for marketing, and quickly turned that passion into a opportunity of a lifetime.

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In 2010, Lawrence founded Hurrdat, a social media agency, with his friend and former teammate Adi Kunalic. Hurrdat saw immediate success, helping big brands, small businesses, individuals, and organizations with their social and digital media campaigns. That was just the beginning for Blake, he saw a window of opportunity and decided to take the plunge through it.

With an idea of a lifetime brewing in his head, Blake and his team created a unique platform for athletes and companies to connect. Opendorse was started in 2012 and it was certainly a game changer. It allows companies and businesses looking for that certain athlete to endorse a product or business. The kicker is Opendorse does all the footwork, from making sure the athlete is an appropriate candidate for the job, to helping agents find cash-value of their clients’ social media presence. Once a business finds the athlete, all the negotiating is done right through Opendorse’s digital platform. A contract is automatically generated, the payment is all handled and once the athlete approves the deal, a simply digital signature seals the deal.

It has been a huge success, they have partnered with the NFLPA, bringing their software to 2,000 players and hundreds of brand partners. Opendorse was named one of ‘100 Brilliant Companies’ by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2013. In this digital age Blake Lawrence has certainly decided to take advantage of it, and is truly a pioneer in sports marketing.

To find out more about Blake Lawrence, you can reach his various social media accounts. For more info on and , just head on over to their respective websites. In his spare time Blake is still involved with Cornhuskers football, he co-hosts Big Red Wrap Up, a weekly Nebraska Football television show.









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