Behind Sports with Brian Fitzsimmons – Head of AOL Sports

Brian Fitzsimmons is an award winning author and the Head of . He is responsible for the production of sports editorial content, video programming, social media, and corporate partnerships.

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In just under one year in that position, Brian has helped execute a successful digital strategy overhaul which led to dramatic traffic growth, the launch of two original sports shows and exciting premium partnerships.

The award-winning author of  Fitzsimmons previously served as a senior writer and managing web editor at  for nearly five years.

His first book, which coincides with the acclaimed HBO documentary “Prayer For a Perfect Season,” was given the prestigious Editor’s Choice award and a Rising Star designation.

One year after earning his first nomination by the New York Press Club Journalism Awards for his coverage on basketball, football and recruiting, Fitzsimmons won the 2014 award in sports feature writing. In addition to serving as a content strategist and manager at Cablevision, he also was a frequent on-air correspondent for News 12 in New Jersey.

A graduate of Sacred Heart University, Fitzsimmons has also worked as a reporter for the Associated Press, Connecticut Post,, and PA SportsTicker.

Currently, Brian Fitzsimmons is extremely excited in transforming the landscape for . Utilizing an aggressive approach, he knows that AOL will provide unique content to sports fans across the country. The new partnership between
AOL Sports
and has been the buzz of the Sports Media Industry.

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