Behind Sports Episode #3 Rob London – NFL Agent


Rumors have been surfacing across the internet of NFL player agent Rob London joining forces with Jay-Z’s RocNation, and leading their sports division. We had the pleasure of talking with Rob London about these rumors as well as many other current topics relevant to the sports agent industry. Rob has represented many high profile NFL players like Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Forte, and Tyrod Taylor.

Rob takes us through what he looks for in an NFL client, what key aspects will contribute to a successful business relationship, and the philosophies by which he runs his Sports and Entertainment Management firm. We also get an inside look at the mindset of an agent and NFL team when negotiating for a player’s second contract, and talks a little about Matt Forte’s situation Chicago.

It was a pleasure speaking with Rob and hearing some of his great stories, insight, and advice to up and comers. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below on the website or Youtube.

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