Behind Sports with LaShawn Merritt – USA Track Athlete

is a USA Olympic Track and Field athlete who specializes in the 400M.

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Born in 1986, LaShawn was raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, and from the very beginning, he was fast. As a child, LaShawn excelled in his first loves, football and music – but as his father, Owen, recalled, speed was the quality that stood out.

Lashawn entered the national stage as a junior by winning gold at the and established himself in 2007 by winning a silver medal in the 400m at the . In the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, Merritt took home the gold medal in the 400 meters and set a personal best time.  LaShawn’s success in sprinting has given him great opportunities on and off the trackHe as one of their premier track athletes.

Most recently having a very successful 2014,  Merritt was the and

Off the track, Lashawn enjoys volunteering time in his hometown of Portsmouth, VA by visiting kids at school to encourage them to be their best.  He is active in the community

Currently, Lashawn is focusing his efforts on training for the 2015 World Championships and then further down the road, the

Lashawn talking about his brother who tragically passed away in 1999.

“Everything I do, I’m trying to do it for Antwan,” said LaShawn. “That’s all I think about when I run…I know he’ll be there with me.”

“I train to win. Everyday my mentality is train to win. I work hard and let my hard work be my confidence once I line up.” – LaShawn Merritt

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